Lodge Resources

Lodge By-Laws
(2017 Revision)

Take a look through this document to see how our Lodge is setup and run.

Candidate Letter

Here is a digital Copy of the letter we gave out to all our candidates in 2023.

Find The Arrow
Before Your Ordeal

Read this document to find out what lies within the block of wood we gave you.

Season Pass

Our best offer on attending events and never worry about sign ups.

Vigil Nomination Form

This form is to nominate those you think are worthy of the Vigil Honor for consideration.


This application is for James E. West Fellows to donate a $1,000 to the national OA endowment.

Founder’s Award

This form is to nominate an arrowman that embodies the spirit of our founders.

James E. West Award

This form is to nominate a n arrowman that has been enabling scouting in the council.

Lodge Funds Acquisition Proposal

This form is to acquire funds for chapter projects or other projects to bring forward to the LECM.

Lodge Officier

This form is to declare that you have the intention to run for office at the next election.

Onward Arrowman Award

This form is to receive an award that shows your activeness in the lodge and the order.

Chapter Report

This form is to be filled out and brought before the LECM reporting on the chapter’s activity.

Events Calendar

Need a print out of all our upcoming events? Click here to view a printable calendar to handout to your fellows.